Arts Interest Group

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The CFUW Arts group held an outdoor meeting at Jo-Anne Twamley’s where we shared a favourite art book or piece of art.

Welcome Back!

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We had a lovely fall afternoon for our opening CFUW meeting at Zwick’s Island Lion’s Pavilion, Thursday September 17.

There were 58 of us meeting in person, under Covid guidelines, including 1 new member and 3 guests.”

Read the World Interest Group

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Martha Grant recently hosted the first fall meeting of the Read the World interest group.

Read The World Interest Group

Connecting During COVID-19

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Point Anne residents recently got together for an enjoyable afternoon.


The New Year Begins

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The first executive meeting of the 2020-2021 year was held online this evening. Big plans are under way.

CFUW Belleville and District’s 2020 – 21 Program Is A Go!

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On Thursday September 17 we will begin the year with an in person gathering!

 (with masks and social distancing)

New members are welcome.

 Please join us at the Lion’s Pavilion Zwick’s Island Park from 2 to 4 pm.

Bring a mask, a chair and be ready to visit and hear all about the upcoming year!


We are aware that this year will be different and that our club will face challenges that will test our creativity, resiliency and commitment to our CFUW community but we are the very women to do it.

Our program team is busy finding engaging and interesting speakers.

Interest groups that can meet are looking at ways to meet and new interest groups are being proposed.

The Annual Golf tournament and Garden Tour are already working hard at developing COVID 19 appropriate events.

Scholarships are more important than ever with students facing decisions that could impact their lives.

Those of you who have attended the informal connecting groups can attest to the pleasure they offer, whether strengthening existing relationships or getting to know new

Together, we can make 2020-21 a year to remember.


Mary Miller and Lynn Becker




Connecting During COVID-19

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Thank you to Marilyn Jackson for hosting an opportunity for some of us to see one another again, talk about anything under the sun, and enjoy one another’s company. The five of us who were present certainly did enjoy the occasion.

Book Exchange Interest Group

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Book Exchange Selection Party

We are welcoming new members until the deadline of September 10. Please email June Boudreau if you are a CFUW Belleville and District member who would like to join this interest group for the coming year.

Staying Connected

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The Connecting Committee is meeting regularly to find ways for members to stay connected during these times. Don’t forget to check the Connecting During COVID-19 page for their suggestions and links to helpful information.