Thank you!

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Thank you card from a scholarship recipient.


New Interest Group

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Club Vision to Action

This is a “new” Interest Group, with lots of room for creative thinking and action. We are proud that the Club makes a great contribution to education through the scholarship monies raised.   Some members would also like to find ways to engage directly with members of the community in pursuit of our common mission.   This Interest Group will be like a Study Group. We will look at the many elements already agreed to represent our vision, mission and values; we will then investigate projects which might be undertaken to make a difference.   Interest group structure and meeting times will be decided after we have an indication of numbers.   Contact Marilyn Jackson

613 962-7478

Book Exchange

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Book selections for the book exchange were discussed at a meeting at June Boudreau’s home.


Garden Tour

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Summer Greetings to CFUW Members,

Yesterday, at a special wrap-up luncheon for the Garden Tour Committee,
the Garden Tour Treasurer announced that the net profit from the garden
tour was an amazing $12,952.70 and the Garden Tour Committee then
presented a cheque to Laura Hare, VP-Scholarships. The Scholarship Fund
is now $12,825.00 richer because of the efforts of the club members.

Thank you, again, to everyone who helped to make this year’s Tour such a
success. The students of Hastings and Prince Edward will be the winners
next year.

Irene Hiebert and Karen Mouck