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We apologize for taking a while to get this out. The recorders did a terrific job of capturing what was said during the table discussions. Much of it was wise and powerful. We wanted to capture both content and flavour as well as possible, which took some time (and several edits). The final result is available under our tab on the website.

We also want to convey that we heard the participants loud and clear when you said, “Great talk, now where is the action?” To that end, we are planning immediately to:

Invite the CFUW members who attended the Forum to discuss what the Club might undertake to carry this initiative forward, and to begin setting these undertakings in motion;
Invite representatives of the community organizations involved with the Forum to come together to determine events or initiatives that the CFUW might help with, toward the goal of making empowerment of young women a community undertaking with concrete outcomes.

It is our hope that these consultations will produce “next steps” which deliver real value to young women while being realistically feasible.

In closing, we would again like to thank each of you for your participation in the Forum. The buzz in the room was full of energy! The engagement of participants was corroborated in the survey results – 99% of attendees gave the event 1 or 2 thumbs up. You also gave us additional useful input toward “next steps” via your comments on the survey, and by followup email.

We hope this report helps focus the impact of the Forum, and stimulate more thought! If you have any feedback or comments on the report do not hesitate to respond, by reply email (or in person to either Marilyn Jackson 613 962-7478, or Mary Miller 613 966-4380).

Please go to the Education & Advocacy tab to read the report in full.

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