Interest Groups

ARTS AND PERFORMANCE OUTINGS group enjoys outings to plays, music and art exhibits in one another’s company.

Contact: Michelle Bannock (

THE BOOK EXCHANGE is similar to a “Book-of-the-Month Club.” The books are selected by members through a voting system each summer and are distributed at the October general meeting. Members are divided into groups of 11 or 12 and each receives a book which they pass on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Flow charts are taped to the inside back covers to ensure the book is passed to the next person on the right date. At the end of the cycle, each person keeps the last book.

If you love to read, this could be the group for you. There are no meetings; you get to read a new book each month; keep the last one; and, there is a lovely summer afternoon party to socialize and talk about next season’s books – all for the low cost of $30! New members are most welcome and the deadline for joining is the CFUW Welcome Back Coffee Party on September 21. The new books will be distributed at the general meeting on October 19.

Contact: June Boudreau (  

                 Carol Goodall (

THE BRIDGE CLUB is welcoming new and past members alike to sign up for this year’s season of bridge. You do not have to be an expert, you just have to have experience playing the game. The season consists of a round-robin schedule which runs from October through May. Members play as part of a foursome in each other’s homes 8 times which includes hosting twice. An opening party is held in October as a meet and greet and to distribute the schedules and then a closing party is held in May to announce the winners and award the prizes.

You can sign up at the opening coffee party in September. There is a $10 fee to join. The opening coffee party this year will be held at Carol Wilson’s home on Thursday, October 5 at 1:00 p.m.

The deadline for joining this year will be September 25th in order to allow time to prepare the schedule for the opening party.

Contact: Carol Wilson (

                 Susan Pine (

THE CANADIAN LITERATURE DINNER group meets in local restaurants the first Tuesday of each month from October to June for a lovely dinner and lively discussion of a pre-selected book by a Canadian author.

Contact: Pauline Lingard (

                 Sue Thoms (

THE CANADIAN LITERATURE LUNCH group meets at noon on the first Tuesday from October to June to discuss Canadian books and authors. We often alternate between fiction and non-fiction. Members take turns hosting the meetings and each brings her own lunch with the hostess supplying tea, coffee and sweets.

Contact: Jane Taylor ( )

THE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND SCRAPBOOKING group meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month from September to June. The emphasis is on using a phone and/or tablet to take and edit photographs which can then be used to produce photo books for your own enjoyment or to share with family and friends. Each meeting will have an instructional segment as well as a sharing time. New members are always welcome.

Contact: Jane Taylor ( )

THE DINNER GROUP will consist of six to eight women who meet once a month at different members’ homes to share dishes provided by the group. This group’s main ingredients are good conversation and camaraderie! There is no requirement for gourmet here, just good food, good company and of course a little wine!

Each time the group meets, one person acts as host – they provide the house, the table and the wine. The rest of the group provide the meal – each person is assigned one course (appetizer, soup, salad, starchy vegetable, vegetable, main course and dessert). Throughout the year, everyone has an opportunity to act as host and provide different courses for the meal.

Contact: Alison Brown (

EMPOWERING YOUNG WOMEN is a new group formed after the success of our Spring Forum (March 2017). Our members would like to engage directly with young women in immediate and defined ways by tutoring, mentoring and offering activities to broaden experience, skills, self-confidence, etc. We hope to form relationships with local organizations already involved with young women to guide us and provide contacts, experience and joint action. Any club member who may see a way to contribute to this endeavor, whether as a planner or a doer, is encouraged to give this group a try.

Contact: Mary E. Miller (

                 Marilyn Jackson (

FRENCH CONVERSATION/LA CONVERSATION is a talkative group, started in 2014, with a wide variety of fluencies in French. We meet once a month on the last Thursday at noon and take turns hosting our get-togethers, usually in our homes, with brown bag lunches. Each month’s topic is determined by the hostess. We have gone dress shopping in Napanee, played French language games, sung along with recordings, watch part of a film (with assistance!) and shared holiday experiences. We warmly welcome you to join this interesting group. Bienvenue!

Contact: Elizabeth Ewashkiw (

                 Sylvia Bandler (

GOURMET GROUPS There are two evening Gourmet Groups that meet monthly in each other’s homes to enjoy good food and wine sprinkled with friendship and laughter. Unfortunately, they are both full.

Contact: Martha Griffin (

                 Barb Durnford (

GREEN THUMB group meets at members’ homes on the fourth Thursday of the month with discussions on new and original plants and growing problems and conditions. We invite speakers to discuss new techniques in gardening. We plan at least one field day per year that is garden related and, in the spring, we do a plant exchange.

Contact: Marylea Burtt (613-966-1327)

HAPPY HIKERS is a new outdoor walking group meeting once or twice a month on weekend or weekday mornings as members wish. Walks will normally be between one and a half and two hours with everyone going at their own pace along different trails around the region.

Contact: Anne Pidduck (

LEARNING ABOUT INVESTMENTS group is a successor to the original WIT group. We focus on “learning” about investments and may have a speaking from time to time. Join us for engaging discussions on numerous topics as we learn from one another the ins and outs of financial management pertaining to our lives. We meet every other second Thursday of the month in a member’s home or for lunch at a restaurant. In addition, we have a virtual stock competition whereby we each pick, study and follow a stock for 10 months.

New members are welcome.

Contact: Sylvia Bandler (

PINTS AND PURLS group meets the 3rd Monday of each month from 5:30 at the Beaufort Pub for knitting, crocheting, socializing and/or dinner or a drink.

Contact: Alison Brown  (

READ THE WORLD LUNCH group meets monthly at members’ homes. The books are selected a few months in advance. We have lively discussions about fiction and non-fiction books by international and Canadian authors. We usually bring our own lunches, which the host may supplement with soup, dessert and beverages. Currently our membership is full.

Contact: Jo-Anne Twamley (

TABLE HOPPERS group meets for lunch at various restaurants throughout the Quinte area. We enjoy exploring new restaurants and getting to know each other over lunch.

Contact: Mary Milne (

WALK & TALK group meets approximately 6 times between October and May to walk and talk on a nature trail, park or historical area. After the walk, several members usually go out for lunch. The walks vary in difficulty, but are usually never too strenuous and last about 1 ½ hours. Each outing is arranged by one or two members. At times, there might be someone at the location to give a brief talk about the area. Each walk is a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and get to know other club members.

Note: Group needs a coordinator. 

WHAT TO DO WITH THE HAND YOU’RE DEALT bridge group meets mornings from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the home of Marylea Burtt (42 Kipling Drive, Bellville). We review hands of bridge and discuss how best to achieve the best contract. No commitment to a time or schedule as it is handled like a drop-in session.

Contact: Marylea Burtt (613-966-1327)

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