Interest Groups

Book Exchange members discussing selections for next year.
Book Exchange members discussing selections for next year.


THE BOOK EXCHANGE Interest group was formed in 1997 by Joan Butler and has grown from 2 groups of 12 members to 4. The format is similar to a “book-of-the-month club. There are no meetings, and members keep the last book. Contact- June

THE BRIDGE CLUB is welcoming new members this fall. We play in our homes eight times over the year including hosting twice. Membership fee is $10 and the cost of lunch bridge is $20. Contact-Suzanne or Cathy

THE CANADIAN LITERATURE DINNER GROUP meets in local restaurants the first Tuesday of each month from October to June for a lovely dinner and lively discussion of a pre-selected book by a Canadian author. Contact-Pauline Lingard- or Sue Thoms-

THE CANADIAN LITERATURE LUNCH GROUP meets at noon on the first Tuesday from October to June to discuss Canadian books and authors. We often alternate between fiction and non-fiction. Members take turns hosting the meetings, and each brings her own lunch, with the hostess supplying tea, coffee and sweets. Contact- Jane

CanLit Lunch Group
Some Members of CanLit Lunch Group

We were a new group in 2014, with a wide variety of fluencies in French. Meeting once a month, usually on a Thursday or Friday, we took turns hosting our get-togethers in our homes, normally including brown bag lunches. Each topic was determined by the hostess. We have gone dress shopping in Napanee, played French language games, sung along with recorded songs, and watched part of a film(with assistance!), and shared holiday experiences. We warmly welcome you to join this interesting group. Bienvenue! Please contact Elizabeth or Marilyn Jackson-

There are 2 evening GOURMET GROUPS that meet monthly in each others’ homes to enjoy good food and wine sprinkled with friendship and laughter. Unfortunately, they are both full. Contact-Martha or Barb

THE QUILTING & SCRAPBOOKING GROUP meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday afternoons of each month in members’ homes and therefore need to keep our numbers manageable. We work on our own projects with suggestions and encouragement from the group. Occasionally we have instructional sessions. Contact-Jess

Quilt/Scrapbook Interest Group - End of year potluck lunch.
Quilt/Scrapbook Interest Group – End of year potluck lunch.

THE READ THE WORLD EVENING meets the fourth Thursday of the month from Sept-June. We meet in members’ homes for discussion of a book around a potluck supper. Contact-Barb

READ THE WORLD LUNCH is a book club which meets monthly at members’ homes. The books are selected a few months in advance. We have lively discussions about fiction and non-fiction books by international and Canadian authors. We usually bring our own lunches, which the host may supplement with soup, dessert and beverages. Currently, we are nearly at capacity with eleven members.
If there is interest in increasing the group beyond twelve members, we are happy to facilitate a meeting for a second Read the World Lunch interest group. Contact-Cathy Lake-

Read the World Lunch
Read the World Lunch

THE TABLE HOPPERS enjoy lunches at various restaurants throughout the Quinte area. It is an invaluable way to learn more about the Club and our region. Contact-Margaret or Marylea Burtt-

THE WALK & TALK GROUP group meets about 6 times between October and May to walk and talk on a nature trail, park or historical area. After the walk, several usually go for lunch at pre-determined place. The walks vary is difficulty, but are usually never too strenuous and last about 1 ½ hours. Each outing is arranged by one or two members of the group who decide the place of the walk and where the lunch will be and make the necessary bookings/ arrangements.  The person making the arrangements sometimes has someone at the location give a brief talk about the place.  If this is the case, there might be a fee of $10 per person. Each walk is a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and get to know other club members.  The success of the group depends on different individuals (one or two) planning a specific walk. Contact-Cathy

LEARNING ABOUT INVESTMENTS group is the successor to the original WIT group. We are focussing on “learning about investing”. We have speakers from the investment field, usually every other month. We meet the second Thursday of the month in a member’s home or for lunch at a restaurant. In addition, we have a sponsored stock pick competition. Everyone picks a stock and we follow it for 12 months. New members are welcome! Contact -Carol

CLUB VISION TO ACTION This is a “new” Interest Group, with lots of room for creative thinking and action. We are proud that the Club makes a great contribution to education through the scholarship monies raised.   Some members would also like to find ways to engage directly with members of the community in pursuit of our common mission.   This Interest Group will be like a Study Group. We will look at the many elements already agreed to represent our vision, mission and values; we will then investigate projects which might be undertaken to make a difference.   Interest group structure and meeting times will be decided after we have an indication of numbers.   Contact Marilyn Jackson 613 962-7478 

THE GREEN THUMB Meets in members homes on the fourth Thursday of the month with discussions on new and original plants, and growing problems and conditions.
Invites speakers to discuss new techniques in gardens.
Plans at least one field day per year that is garden related.
In the spring does plant exchanges. Contact Marylea Burtt 613-966-1327

WHAT TO DO WITH THE HAND YOU’RE DEALT? Meets Mornings 10 to 12 always at Marylea’s home 42 Kipling Dr. Belleville.
Bridge related.
Looks at hands of bridge and discusses how best to achieve the best contract.
No commitment to a time or schedule as handled like a drop in session. Contact Marylea Burtt 613-966-1327

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