Garden Tour

Welcome to the 2019 Town & Country Garden Tour Page
         Saturday, July 6    10:00 am – 4:00 pm   $30   Box Lunch included  
We hope you can join us this year as our host Gardeners strive to make it a most enjoyable day, with many interesting and beautiful focal points in their gardens.    
As you know, all proceeds go to support the CFUW Scholarship Fund, and we thank you for helping us to help local students as they graduate and move into post-secondary education. 
We couldn’t do this without the help of our generous donors so, if you would, have a look at our Sponsor list, in the attached document Sponsors, and let them know that you noted their support.  
Tickets may be purchased on-line using a credit card under the Tab on this web site On-line Payments, where you will print out a voucher to be exchanged for the Ticket Package. The map is there and you may exchange the voucher at any Garden or at the Church.   
On a Cash Only Basis you may purchase tickets at one of our Ticket Outlets, listed in attached document, Ticket Outlets, or on the day of the Tour at St. Thomas’ Anglican Church, Belleville, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm OR at any of the Gardens  on the Day of the Tour,  You may pick up your lunch at any time at the Church Hall, and eat this at the air conditioned hall, or take it with you to have a picnic.  
Garden Descriptions may be found in the Attachments, Gardens 1-4, Gardens 5-8.  There will be a Map with the Tickets that will help you navigate to the Gardens and advise as to where to park.  
We have a Raffle Table that is second to none and the chances of winning are notably good, so have a look at all of the prizes and be sure to buy your tickets at the Church, where everything will be on display.  Draws for winners start at 3:00 pm. See Raffle Table attachment for more details.  
Note that once you have either your voucher or ticket, you may begin your tour at any Garden at 10:00 am, and choose the route of your choice.  
Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you there!
Raffle Table

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