Opening Coffee Party

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There was a good turnout of returning and new members for our opening coffee party on Thursday, October 18. A slide show highlighted the recent Garden Tour and representatives of the numerous Interest Groups were available to answer questions and help members decide what they would like to become involved in this year.

Thank you to our Special Events co-ordinators, Jean and Susanne for the delicious treats and to our Membership co-ordinators, Marilyn and Lynn, for the work involved in making this a successful evening.

Membership Co-ordinators, Lynn Becker and Marilyn Jackson
Membership Co-ordinators, Lynn Becker and Marilyn Jackson

Membership Renewal

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Now is the time to renew your membership or join CFUW Belleville & District. Use our easy online process. There is also a separate online “event” for making a donation to the Scholarship Fund. This will be available all year for your convenience. Go to the Online Payments page for details.

We Have a Winner!

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The Early Bird renewal prize was won by Penny Hendricks who was first to renew her membership using our new online renewal option. Penny will receive her prize at the Opening Coffee Party on Thursday, September 18.

You can still use the convenience of online renewal. Just go to the Online Payments page and follow the easy instructions.

Early Bird Membership Renewal/Registration

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Be the first to renew or register your 2014-2015 CFUW Belleville & District Membership online. There is only one Early Bird ticket. The first person to pay in that category will win a prize.

If you don’t get that ticket you can still have the convenience of registering online.

Go to the Online Payments Button for full details.

Welcome Back

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Please open the link below to read a message from President, Lenore Begley.

Welcome CFUW Members New and Returning

The New Season Begins

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Twenty members of the Book Exchange Interest Group met at the home of June Boudreau last night for the Annual Wine & Cheese AND Book Selection Party. Thank you to June, Mary Bould and Nancy McNaughton who are the organizers of this popular group which has five sections with twelve members each.

As we discussed the more than 40 books suggested in order to select 12 to be read during the year, we enjoyed the delicious sweets, savouries and beverages provided by our hostesses.

Thank you also to Irene Hiebert who gave us interesting and valuable insight into a number of the selections on the list.

Mary Bould and June Boudreau
Mary Bould and June Boudreau
Photo 2014-08-21, 8 29 12 PM
Irene Hiebert

A Message From the Book Exchange Committee

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Dear Book Exchange Members:
Mary, Nancy and I cordially invite you to the Annual Wine & Cheese AND Book Selection Party on Thursday, August 21 at 7:30. Please find the invitation attached below.
We sincerely hope you will be able to participate in this most important part of the Book Exchange Interest Group. Even if you can’t attend the party, we encourage you to submit your choice of titles at least a week before the party, and then vote for your favourite 12 picks following the party.
If you know of any CFUW members (or prospective members) who would like to join, please let me know and I will be happy to send them an invitation.
Thank you and continue to enjoy your summer reading!